All items in this collection were made in very SMALL quantities. 2-3 items per design only.
The items are 'in stock', already sewn. However most items still need to be 'finished (snaps and zippers still need to be sewn on/in and the denim items still need to be distressed. 
Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of these items. Most probably I will be done sooner, but just in case that 'real life issues' require my attention - I want to be on the safe side and don't want to cause any frustration.
Thank you for understanding.


50% of your total are due when ordering, the remaining 50% after completion - right before sipping your package. 
I accept payments through Paypal from both sources: credit/debit cards and funds from your Paypal  balance.

Please wait with your payment until you hear back from me! I will work through my e-mail in the order of their arrivals. Since I'm located in Germany and therefore I'm several hours ahead of US-time, don't get worried if you don't hear from me immediately, it might be night over here  in Germany and I will answer  e-mails as soon as I'm up in the morning.



All items get shipped carefully packaged. They will be wrapped in white tissue paper, and come with sewn in CollectibleChic label and hang tag.
The outer packaging is either a bubble mailer envelope or a little sturdy box, depending on the items and your shipping preferences. Shipping cost varies depending on your location. I only ask the real shipping costs, no additional handling/packaging and always try to keep sipping costs as low as possible.

Just as a ball park figure: the most common shipping rates for airmail shipping of doll outfits within Europe are around $3,20/$5,20 and for airmail to the USA and other oversea locations $5,20/$12,90(big box with lots of contents;) )


How to order:

Please send me an e-mail at CollectibleChic@t-online.de with your full name and the ordering code, name &color of the items you wish to purchase.
I will e-mail you back and confirm the availability of the items and give you your total and payment instructions. PLEASE DON'T worry if you don't hear back from me immediately, it might be already night  here in Germany and I will answer the e-mails in the order of their arrival.