A note about the DENIM used in this collection

Most of the denim items in this collection were made in 4 different denim fabrics/distressing variations. Due to the amount of time that it takes to distress the fashion there are differences in the pricing.

Denim #1 is a medium colored denim that I topstitched with brown thread. The stud details are silver. The denim is NOT distressed and therefore is the price of the item a little bit lower.

Denim #2 - these items 'started' as  denim 1 items but were distressed/bleached. This type of denim fabric is soft and thin but not as finely woven as denim 3 and it is not possible to bleach in as many details as in denim 3.

Denim #3- a medium blue denim that is distressed in several runs of bleaching. The fabric is very fine woven and takes lots of details while bleaching (like accents on the pockets, belt loops,..). Items made of this denim are topstitched in silver and have silver colored studs.

Denim #4 - dark blue denim. Pre-washed to avoid any staining. NOT distressed for a more formal/elegant look. The silver topstitching and silver studs make a nice contrast with the dark color of the denim.

from left to right: denim#1,denim#2, denim#3, denim#4
the pants shown above are made from the same pattern, just the denim differs

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